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The Next Potential Client for Your Biz is on Internet SEARCHING for You not on the Street as it use to be.”- Join ‪#‎Foskaay5Promo

In years to come all businesses will be online, its either you are there or out of business, says the Microsoft founder Bill Gate decades ago and it is now becoming realistic. Thus, Foskaay is rising to this challenge to rescue businesses from withering off due to competitors taking their customers while they have their two eyes opened. Let us give you a practical analysis of what this means to you and the future of your business.

Jumia/Konga/Dealdey Versus Offline Stores/Boutique/Offices etc.:

Do you know that most prospects and even existing clients you are sitting down in your office waiting for now prefer to buy from online shops like Jumia/Konga etc. that they were once skeptical about before now? YES is the answer in capital. WHILE?

There are different reasons to this but we will open your eyes to general reasons cutting across almost any business either into services or product/production.

  1. People love comfort and ready to pay for it if they have the money:

With business websites online, prospects can visit and review the products or services they are about to purchase/pay for anytime with anyone (family at home, colleagues at work, friends on pitch and so on) at the comfort of their phone or PC without direct interaction with store/business owner offline. After which they pull out their ATM, make payment (or use pay on delivery option) and then await the delivery of the product/service at their door step (home, office etc.) or via their email, whatsapp or phone without interfering with the pursuit of their daily bread and businesses. BUT it is not possible for them to browse features of products/services at 10:30pm when your offline office has been closed by 6pm or lately by 10pm neither will they get things delivered at their convenience except they skip few minutes or hours of work time to come for shopping.

  1. People love to get first hand convincing details before purchase:

Your business relies on experience and experty to convince and convert prospect to faithful client but you only do that via calls. Another business does the same with less experience but has great high converting sales page for the products/services they render online via a business website. The client can take the online content anywhere (to board meeting, to convince their boss, to create awareness) even for presentation and it makes them build trust and reliability with the business even before payment.

  1. People now Search Business Directories/Google online to find businesses to pay to:

The other day I was on Facebook when a friend posted how he got a dry cleaner using online business directories. At least one prospect converted to client that day which wouldn’t have been possible if the business had no online presence via business website. Guess opportunities you and your business/organization are missing. The next client is on internet not on the street as it use to be.

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“The Next Potential Client for Your Biz is on Internet SEARCHING for You not on the Street as it use to be”Foskaay .Join ‪#‎Foskaay5Promo

With above and other unlisted reasons you might have come by yourself, it is clear that the next booming businesses will of no doubt have strong, active and functional online presence starting and ending with a BUSINESS WEBSITE.

Every business should be online to tap into the unlimited blessing and avenue to reach existing customers and prospects. Therefore, FOSKAAY “a notable brand in ICT world in Nigeria” currently under the business name FOSKAAY ENTERPRISES / FOSKAAY GROUP introduces to you the first of it kind opportunity to give your business and online presence via your own BUSINESS WEBSITE with following features and rare to find bonuses and 24 hours customer support.

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Features of #‎Foskaay5Promo for Web Design?

  1. A Business website (professionally designed) or Blog (strictly for bloggers)
  2. 5-8 Pages Design (depending on your business need)
  3. Unlimited Blog/News/Update section integration (so you don’t just have a static website, you also engage with your prospects/customers via promo offers, tips, programmes, news and lot more)
  4. Contact Form (delivers in less than 10 seconds to your email of choice and with auto response instantly: e.g. a prospect sends you message via the contact form as seen below)

“Hello YourBizName, I need to know the cost on your product/services specified in this message soonest…Thanks”

Auto-Response (instantly): Thanks for contacting us at YourbizName. We have received your message and you will get response soonest.

Note: The response above is done automatically even before you attend to the mail.

  1. Free .com domain name (option to request .org, .ng, .edu, etc. available on request)
  2. Responsive and Dynamic Design (fit all screen size: PC/MOBILE/TABLET view)
  3. Four (4) Custom Emails……, and 2 others for staff etc. (Need more, then state before placing order).
  4. Unlimited 1 year Hosting/Storage Space (fairly usage of 8GB applies. Need more? please state before order)
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
  6. Five (4) subdomain per custom (example: etc.)
  7. Hosting/Web Storage Space duration: 1 Year (renewable yearly with a token of N30,000 only)
  8. Domain Name duration: 1 Year (renewable yearly with the hosting paid above)
  9. 24Hours Friendly Customer Support
  10. Backup space of upto 2GB (database)
  11. Hack/Spam Protection
  12. 99% Server/Website Uptime
  13. Social Media Integration & Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on)

BONUS1: SEO (Display on Google Search, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask etc.)

BONUS2: Your Business will be listed with 5 top Business directories in Nigeria (MTN etc.)

BONUS3: Your Business will be tweeted to over 42,000 Real Nigerian Twitter Followers via @Oskaaay and @NigerianBlogs handles

BONUS4: Live Chat integration Free (optional depending on resources needed by your business)

BONUS5: Your Business qualifies for discounted price on getting real Instagram/twitter followers for the business social accounts.

BONUS7: Your Business qualifies for future special discount/promo specially made for this offer.

What are the Categories of SME accepted for the promo?

All type of businesses with less need of huge online resources. Kindly browse through the features, and if you are okay with it, then your business qualifies to apply while the promo last.

How To Apply For The Promo?

  1. Create a mail or send whatsapp message (to 07066052228) with subject “Am in for Foskaay5Promo” with message body describing your business and what you want designed for you online to Olasunkanmi @ and we will get back to you with further details.
  1. You can call directly for discussion via 070-6605-2228


NOTE: Don’t take this 100% discounted promo lightly to expose your business more to potential customers. Remember it is only open to first FIVE (5)SMEs only.



<2> Real Twitter Followers:

Get 1,000 real followers for just N4,000 instead of N10,000 


<3> Real Instagram Followers:

Get 1,000 real followers for just N5,000 instead of N10,000 


<4> Customized Caller Tunez:

Test by dialing 07066052228. We help convert your callertunez to the one that advertise your business to your callers. N2,500 instead of N5,000



Get a professionally designed Sales page with squeeze page to harvest email, phone number etc. and then redirect to sales page and also remarket to saved contacts. Upto free 1,000 space for 1,000 contact comes with the design. N15,000 instead of N50,000



It will end by 12th (Friday) of February, 2016. Remember that it is limited to 5 People/Businesses per offer, once the first 5 paid, that offer closes. Thus, waiting till ending date may be disappointing.

FOSKAAY ENTERPRISES is a CAC Registered Company with RC 2231640 since 2012. You are dealing with reliable company!