How To Get VIRTUAL NAIRA CARD + FoskaayPay4Me Services

Do YOU Need A Naira Virtual Card To Pay4FBAds etc. and Protect Yourself While Shopping Online? Discover How to Get it Below.

What is Virtual Card?

Its a prepaid card just like your normal ATM but its virtual not concrete nor touchable like your normal ATM yet it programmed to perform related functions like online shopping, paying for facebook ads etc.

Advantages of Virtual card?

Since its virtual, it can’t experience physical damage, loss or even stolen (though the details could be if handle carelessly online) and it is issued instantly unlike other card that mostly take a week over to get it issued.

Another notable advantage is that it protect your main bank account privacy. There had been issues of people shopping online and then their bank account was hacked via their card. You are more secure anywhere it is accepted online because it do have its own separate account from your main account. thus, even if hacked it can’t access your main bank account funds.

How to get your?

Its a bit difficult to secure one in Nigeria but we have a reliable means to reveal to you to get it easy. Tested and trusted for about 1 year now unfailingly. Thus, we will reveal step by step guide to get your and also provide help and support anytime till you have it issued to you. Its instant online if you already have a the full requirement revealed via our training on whatsapp.

Thus, if interested, Whatsapp/Call 07066052228 . The training cost N5,000 N2,500 only!

Having Online Payment Problems? We can also help handle payment for:
1. FBAdsAccount(Setup/Activation,Debts settlement $/# accounts)
2. Playstore App Purchase
3. Hosting,Shopping and others. Just discuss any of your online payment challenges with us.

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NOTE: You can also reach out to us for any fbads challenges you might be facing.

WHATSAPP/CALL Foskaay: 07066052228

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