How to Measure Your Business,Brand Success on Twitter using Analytics Tools to analyse Twitter Handle Performance?

Its another time with Foskaay Web & Digital Marketing Consulting Team and we will be taking our clients by hand to help measure how far their businesses/brands are doing on Twitter via official and non-official handles they manage.

There are different tools involved in knowing the analytics of your business/brand performance on twitter which is one of the most widely used and populated social platform after Facebook. In fact, businesses/brands including NGOs that values hitting prospects and clients directly either for first time connection or continual communication knows that Twitter remains the best of social platforms with 90% positive return testimonies for such act (Our Web & Digital Marketing consulting team tested it in our 6 months research early this year and got direct connection with over 20 Top Brands worldwide stresslessly – contact us for help on this).

So, how do businesses/brands measure their reach and influence on Twitter?

As said early, there are lot of tools us can use (free or paid) and we will be starting from the basic from twitter itself.

Tool 1: Twitter Analytics
Most social platforms understand the power of analytics to win, convince and gain remained loyalty of their users especially businesses/brand and thus they have done pretty good job to provide simple, basic but powerful analytics to help their clients.

What is Twitter Analytics?
Twitter analytics is a tool to measure your performance on twitter including how many tweets posted daily, weekly and monthly, tweets reach, number of followers gained per month, profile view, hashtag etc.

How to use Twitter Analytics to analyse Twitter Handle Performance??
To get started (recommendation: carry out this analytics on PC or tabs with 7inch screen above);

(1) Login to your twitter account via

(2) Open another tab after successful login from step (1) above

(3) Visit this link in the new tab or click on it directly from this article (it will open new tab automatically)

(4) After loading you will be welcomed with current analytics of your handle, just continue scrolling down (thanks to the power of infinite scroll built-into the app by twitter) so you can see summary and click for details of performance from current date till when your first tweet was publish at account opening – so interesting. See screenshot of one of our team handle on twitter for just a week performance below and add your questions and comment before you move to other tools on next page. Don’t also forget to follow us on twitter via @Oskaaay

Oskaaaytwitter impressions July2015 Oskaaaytwitter impressions July2015 2

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