Facebook Services: Real Facebook Page Likes, FB Ads Setup and Activation, FB Ads

We offer Facebook/Instagram services which includes “FB/Instagram Ads”, Real FB Page Likes and Instagram Followers, FB premium Posts, FB Ads account activation, FB ads debt account payment and lot more just speak to us on your peculiar need on Facebook/Instagram.


Our Facebook Services Includes The Following:


(1) FB/Instagram Ads 

(2) Facebook Dollar or Naira Ads Account Setup + Activation

(3) Facebook Ads Account Debt Payment/Settlement (Via FoskaayPay4Me service)

(4) Real Facebook Page Likes

(5) Other Services

(1) FB/Instagram Ads 

We can help place sponsored adverts on Facebook via our own ads accounts to reach more audience on Facebook and Instagram.


All  prices below are discounted up to 15% off actual price for now (limited time offer).


Customers are waiting for you NATIONWIDE.
Reach out to Millions of targeted audience nationwide via Facebook/Instagram with Token from N1,000 only to increase patronage and meetup your sales target. Facebook/Instagram currently have over 15Million People your ads can reach in Nigeria.

Foskaay Facebook/Instagram Sponsored Ads Price:

Daily (Naira Based Ads- Boosted Ads Type Only)
> N1,000 for 1 Day
> N3,500 for 4 Days
> N6,500 for 7 Days (1 Week)
> N14,000 for 15 Days
> N29,000 for 30 Days (1 Month)

Daily (Dollar Based Ads – All Ads Type)
> 1 Week = N13,000 ($25fb ads credits) instead of N15,000
> 2 Weeks = N25,000 ($50fb ads credits) instead of N30,000
> 4 Weeks = N48,000 ($100fb ads credits) instead of N60,000

Note: Price is subject to change anytime. Thus, kindly confirm from us before payment.

(2) Facebook Dollar or Naira Ads Account Setup + Activation:

We can help setup Facebook dollar ads account and activate with virtual card for you to start advertising via your fb ads account.

Price: Setup and activation fee.

1) Dollar Ads Account activation with our payment medium and instant removal replaced with client’s payment medium = N3, 500

2) Dollar Ads Account activation with our payment medium and left for upto 1 week and to be replaced with client’s medium = N5,000

3) Naira FB ads account activation via our payment medium = N3,500 (Free video on how to credit the account yourself after activation)

4) An ads setup in client’s active fb ads account = N2, 500

Note: Due to dynamic nature of Facebook Ads platform and payment policies in Nigeria prices are subject to change anytime. So kindly confirm price before you pay for any of the above services.

(3) Facebook Ads Account Debt Payment/Settlement

(Via FoskaayPay4Me Service)

We can help you to payup your Dollar or Naira FB ads accounts debt for you to resume using your ads account again.


Contact us for discussion on the amount and type of FB ads account.

(4) Real Facebook Page Likes

We can help grow your Facebook fan page with real targeted audience likes to boost your page delivery and posts reach.


Minimum of 1,000 Real FB Page likes = N7,500 N5,000 (You can discuss with us on large orders)



  1. All services are prepaid (pay before service rendered)
  2. Payment made for any of our “Facebook Services” are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thus, read through to make sure it suits your needs and meetup your expectations before placing order.
  3. We have stopped offering any of “Foskaay” services to promote Gambling, Alcohol, Hard Drug, illegal products/services platforms. For MUSIC we strictly promote “Gospel” music audio/videos only. Thus, you are advise to check with our customer care to confirm if a particular service could be rendered to your platform before payment.
  4. How to Pay?Make payment into;
  5.  GTB (FAKEYE OLASUNKANMI AYOMIDE 00-33-00-04-43) account and send details of the service and payment made to “Olasunkanmi @ Foskaaygroup.com” also send sms to 07066052228 for quick notification but the mail is compulsory and mandatory serving as MOU between you and our company for biz records.

> FoskaayPay4Me Services (We help handle payment on international websites like Facebook, Peopleperhour.com,Aliexpress,Paypal,Hosting/Domain platforms and others kindly discuss with us on any platform you are having issues of payment)

> We offer TRAINING on Facebook/Instagram ads ||
> We help grow Social Accounts (Real Twitter/Instagram Follwers, Huge retweets,Trending etc.) ||
> Web/App Design ||
> VAS (Customized Callertunez) ||
> Blog & Brand Consulting

> Biz Startup Guides: Travel Agency biz, Dstv dealership etc.

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