Instagram Services: Real Instagram Followers,Instagram Sponsored Ads

Aside Twitter and Facebook, another popular social media network with distinct features is Instagram with enhanced platform to reach wider audience in Pictures. We help build up your followership with real people, share your content and even make your brand, products, services etc.  on Instagram.

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Our Instagram Services Includes The Following:

(1) Real Instagram Followers

(2) Post on Our Instagram Account with Over 8,500 Real Followers

(3) Instagram Sponsored Ads

(1) Real Instagram Followers:

The Instagram Real Followers include Two (2) Major plans to suite different categories of accounts and clients.

PLAN A: Individual Plan

Get Real Instagram Followers that interacts with your posts and increase your reach,brand awareness and sales via Instagram . It’s a bit tedious task for anyone or business willing to grow their Instagram handle. We have over 3 years tested and trusted method of delivering Real Instagram  followers and had been able to build my handle @Oskaaay to over 8,500 Real Followers, and also helped some popular brands and individuals to build theirs too with same method we will use for you. The 1,000 followers is N10,000 but you get discount from our platform at rate of N5,000 for first 1,000 order only to test our method of delivery and if okay by you we can discuss better on more orders.

Terms (Only place order if You agree to terms below):
<1> We deliver the 1,000 Real Followers with 8-15 days depending on how fast your account responded
<2> We deliver 2,000 to 4,000 Monthly depending on account response rate
<3> We use follow-followback meaning for every 1,000 real followers delivered you will have about 800following too and that guarantee that they are real people and not like bots/fake accounts that unfollows few weeks after and does not interact with your Instagram posts.
<4> we need access to your login details (so change to temporal password before handing over to us and after delivery you must change the password so secure your account more)
<5> About 50% Nigerians out of the 1,000 total delivered.
<6> Foreign Real USA,UK etc. followers cost N30/Follower (N30,000 for 1,000 real followers-minimum of 500followers order)

Example: @YourHandleName has 1,000Followers and 500Following. You order for 5,000 Real Followers from us via Plan A. At the completion of the order your account may give 6,100Followers and  4,500 Following after unfollowing those that does not followback.

Cost: 10(Ten Naira) Per Real Follower i.e 1,000 RealFollowers = N10,000

Minimum Order: 1,000RealFollowers

Discount Offer (ON) = First order for new account (handle that we have not worked on before)  now goes for N5,000/RealFollower (50% Off) i.e N5,000/1,000 Real Followers. Note that it is limited to account that is placing order from us for the first time and limited to first 1,000RealFollowers only.

PLAN B: Enterprises Plan

This plan does not include following to get followed back like plan A. Instead, we advertise the account directly on Instagram  to interested handles, they follow and you will not need to follow back. Suitable for Celebrity, Companies etc.

Example: @YourHandleName has 4,000Followers and 120Following. You order for 5,000 Real Followers from us via Plan A. At the completion of the order your account may give 9,100Followers and  still retains 120Following.

Cost: N200 (Two Hundred Naira) Per Real Follower i.e 1,000 RealFollowers = N200,000

Minimum Order: 500RealFollowers

Discount Offer (OFF) = Not available, kindly check later

Guarantee: In either case, you are guaranteed to get Real and Active Followers from Countries of choice depending on your order not fake followers (that does not interact with your tweets and no benefit to you, your blog, business, organization and so on).


@Oskaaay (grew from 0 to over 8,500 real followers) etc.

(2) Post on Our Instagram Account with Over 8,500 Real Followers

We can help you post ads on our Instagram Account to give exposure to your biz, brand, products, services, music, project launching etc.


N150N50/Post from each Account (Minimum test order of 20 posts from @Oskaaay account which cost N1,000 only) including other partners Instagram account based on your request.

(3) Instagram Sponsored Ads

We can help you bulk Retweet your tweets from over 200 real twitter handles to give exposure to your biz, brand, products, services, music, project launching etc.


N100N50/Ads Click/Interaction from official sponsored ads (Minimum test order of 20Ads Click/Interaction which cost N1,000 only)


  1. All services are prepaid (pay before service rendered)
  2. Payment made for any of our “Instagram Services” are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thus, read through to make sure it suits your needs and meetup your expectations before placing order.
  3. We have stopped offering any of “Foskaay” services to promote Gambling, Alcohol, Hard Drug, illegal products/services platforms. For MUSIC we strictly promote “Gospel” music audio/videos only. Thus, you are advise to check with our customer care to confirm if a particular service could be rendered to your platform before payment.
  4. How to Pay?Make payment into;
  5.  GTB (FAKEYE OLASUNKANMI AYOMIDE 00-33-00-04-43) account and send details of the service and payment made to “Olasunkanmi @” also send sms to 07066052228 for quick notification but the mail is compulsory and mandatory serving as MOU between you and our company for biz records.

Need help? Contact us via +234-70-66-05-22-28 or use the LIVE Chat!