Niche Video Passive Income System

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This course reveals how to tap into trending niches on Youtube to generate a passive income machines from home without recording videos.

  • Section 1 - Intro

    Intro to the passive income system and youtube

  • Section 2 - Youtube SEO

    Discover Youtube SEO Secrets to Rank Video On Youtube/Google

  • Section 3 - How To Make Money On Youtube

    Discover different ways of diversifying Youtube income passively

  • Section 4 - 10+ Money Making Niches on Youtube

    Discover viral niches you can turn to passive income machines on youtube to continiously generate cash for life even without recording videos offline.

  • Section 5 - Done For You Offer

    Access ready made for you niche video passive income channels

  • Section 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

    To help my students, I continue to add up frequently asked questions about youtube in relation to this course for you

  • Section 7 - Sample Channels Doing This Methods

    I have decided to add this section to update as I come across channels that have built passive income machines on youtube


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